Is this what Samsung’s Galaxy Glass will look like?



We have actually listened to regarding Samsung’s rumored Google Glass rival a few times already now we may be getting our very first look of just exactly what type it takes. A brand-new license application which Samsung just recently filed with the Korean Intellectual Residential property Office reveals a tool which looks a great deal like Google Glass. It’s not so much a pair of glasses as a prejudiced headset by the looks of things-basically like a Bluetooth headset however with a screen curving round facing your eye. Smart … headset? Besides the style the patent does not expose a lot. The device is referred to as”Earphone”in the application, so it might not also be called the Galaxy Glass / Equipment Glass(although we would certainly be very shocked if Samsung in fact launched an item called Earphone to ensure that’s probably merely

a codename). It does recommendSamsung Glass

that the tool might function as a phone however, in addition to whatever else it can do. We’ve heard talk of business considering”ear computer systems”just recently -consisting of Apple -which proposes that the ear-based component could be equally as crucial as the glass little bit. Regardless this patent application certainly looks like a Google Glass competitor and the current reports point to a go for IFA 2014 in September. That would certainly put Samsung’s wise glasses out at a comparable time to the consumer version of Google Glass, as that’s also anticipated later on this year.

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