Why Choose Carbonite Business

Why Choose Carbonite Business?

Owning a business could be a challenge and business owners need all the help they can get. What is possibly the most threatening thing that could happen to your business is data loss. Data from customers, your suppliers, legal business documents and various data from customer transactions could easily be lost in just a snap if you and your staff are not careful therefore you should never rely on any other backup service than a cloud file backup by Carbonite.

Carbonite business plan offer codes have only one goal and that is to protect business data of owners everywhere and this is done with the following features:

  1. Quick and easy installation in every computer that you have in your office or home office. You can set up Carbonite and forget about it; it will work on the sidelines to protect every computer and every file that you will be creating and managing. Imagine the ability to automatically backup files no matter what they are! Losing files because of power surges, power outages and computer breakdown are now things of the past.
  2. You will be able to secure your files since these are encrypted as soon as these leave your computer for cloud storage. Carbonite has one of the largest data storage systems anywhere and files that are sent from your computer to this server are done using a Secure Socket Layer technology.
  3. You may access all your files in your cloud storage from a mobile device. You will be able to manage any file from any computer even from a mobile computing device giving you more peace of mind than ever before.
  4. Tech supports from Carbonite are always on stand-by to handle any technical concerns especially installation and file management. You can also count on tech supports to help you via chat, email or by phone.
  5. There is one business plan but these are further subdivided into answer the needs of different businesses. Plans are broken down into data limits (250 to 500GB data). And if you think that this is not enough for you then you should contact customer service to help you out.
  6. You can backup different kinds of files: photos, documents, music, email, movies, settings, POS files, CRM files and financial files. No matter what type of file you need to backup, Carbonite has the best solution for it.
  7. Carbonite is one of the top cloud computing companies that support HIPPAA. If you are a healthcare professional, you may contact Carbonite sales team to talk about a Business Associate Agreement.
  8. With Carbonite business plans, you may be able to ask a professional to install your software. Carbonite calls this their Valet Install Service; you will be able to have your system ready and able to start your business backup plan in no time at all.
  9. Carbonite has a free trial offer for 15 days. Check it out using your personal computer and see the difference of Carbonite from all other companies.

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