Why Choose Carbonite Backup

Why Choose Carbonite Backup?

Backing up your data is an essential part of owning a computer or computer network. This is because other than the risk of losing data there is also a huge risk of data being tampered. As a homeowner or business owner you simply cannot risk losing data at all. Therefore using a cloud backup system may be the best idea that you will ever have.

Carbonite has been one of the most popular online backup solutions simply because it has amazing features that you simply cannot find in other online backup service. Here are some of the best reasons why you should choose Carbonite over the rest:

  1. Carbonite has three special packages that you can use for any kind of file back up need. Choose from Personal Plans for individual computers, Pro Plans for workstations and Server Plans for databases and live applications. So technically no matter what your backup needs may be you will always have the best with Carbonite.
  2. Carbonite has been asked so many times about its yearly pricing. It is very unusual for services to be offered on a yearly basis and most online services are only offered on a monthly rate. However, if you were to do the math you will find that you will get more savings when you use Carbonite yearly plans compared to a monthly payment scheme.
  3. Carbonite is the only one with a free 15 day trial offer so this means that the customer will be able to find out more about the service as well check which service is the ideal one for you. You can get this free trial offer when you go to Carbonite’s official site.
  4. Carbonite backup happens almost automatically. This special feature is considered one of the most popular features of Carbonite since it provides ultimate safety at all times. And do you know that not only the files that you are currently working on that you can save? You may also save files in an external hard drive along with operating system files and various setup files that you will need in case your computer encounters an error or every time you need to upgrade your operating system.
  5. Since you are storing files online you will also be able to access them anywhere you are even in your mobile computing device. You can manage files, upload, delete and restore files anywhere you want to go without the worries of losing your files.
  6. You can also upload unlimited files in your cloud storage. You may not have an external backup file or an external hard drive but you will be able to protect your files in the best possible way: through online cloud storage.
  7. Finally, you can install Carbonite and let it manage your files automatically! You will have peace of mind and fewer worries. You will be able to concentrate on your business and your family life better now that someone can help you secure your files.

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