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Motorola Moto E headed to Republic Wireless for $99

The popular entry-level Android phone will be within reach following month for under $ONE HUNDRED, with no-contract strategies starting at $5.


Republic Wireless

Believe you can not pay for a mobile phone? Believe again.

Following month, Republic Wireless will certainly start offering the Android-powered Motorola Moto E for $99 without an agreement. And similar to the carrier’s various other phones, monthly service strategies begin at $5.

The Moto E is a decidedly entry-level model, with a 4.3-inch display, 4GB of storage space (expanding, fortunately), a 5-megapixel cam, and 3G data. Obviously, it’s not for power users, yet instead those with very modest requirements– a student acquiring his first phone, for instance, or someone ultimately all set to upgrade her flip-phone.

At $99, Republic’s Moto E is actually valued $30 much less than the very same phone bought directly from Motorola. That version is opened, though, as well as able to be utilized with any sort of GSM carrier. With Republic’s, you’re stuck to Republic, which runs on Sprint’s network.

Several of the time, anyway– Republic’s specialty is Wi-Fi, implying phone calls, content messages, and also data are, by default, routed over any type of offered Wi-Fi network. Only when there isn’t really one does the phone switch over to Sprint’s network.

Actually, the $5 regular monthly strategy limits you to Wi-Fi everything, implying you cannot really utilize the phone when you’re out and around. At $10 per month, you acquire mobile phone service and texting, yet information still requires Wi-Fi. The $25 plan affords unrestricted everything.

If you like that prices version, the Moto E could without a doubt verify attractive at just $99. However, as kept in mind in CNET’s testimonial from last May, the bigger, much faster, even more qualified Moto G is probably the better buy– and Republic provides the 8GB design for $149 (or 16GB for $179).

Regardless, keep in mind that since this writing, Republic still does not sustain short-code messaging, though a current blog article suggests the attribute is very soon to roll out– maybe in time for following month’s Moto E launch.

Moto 360 finally available to pre-order from O2


If you have actually been withholding a smartwatch till now, then prep on your own because O2 has actually just opened pre-orders for Motorola’s wise Moto 360.

Your wrists will thank you – if you wish an Android-based, round smartwatch that is.

The round wearable uses Google’s Android Put on OS and also is just one of the primary oppositions to Apple’s recently disclosed Apple Watch.

There’s no particular release day or prices info yet, however Motorola has already said the watch will be availabler in early October in the UK at a rate of around £& pound; 199. Now you can hop on the listing for among your own.

How to switch between reading and listening in Kindle apps

Whispersync for Voice is now readily available in Kindle for Android and iOS.

Kindle proprietors have long taken pleasure in the option of toggling in between content and audio variations of their publications, an attribute implemented by’s Whispersync for Voice technology.

Since today, that ability involves Amazon’s Kindle apps for Android and iOS. The freshly updated applications allow you switch over between reading and listening with the tap of an icon.

A few of the books you already own can be upgraded with narrative.
Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

That’s pretty cool. You could be paying attention to a publication in the car, then switch over to the text when you get house and really want to keeping reading. Nevertheless, the process of doing this isn’t instantly clear, so permit’s look at how Whispersync for Voice operates in Kindle apps. Note that my testing was carried out on an apple iphone, yet the procedure is essentially similar in Android.

Step 1: Make certain you have not just the Kindle application installed on your mobile tool, but additionally the Audible application. It’s the latter that will handle the hefty lifting, audio-wise. Update: Baseding on Audible, the Kindle app has the required audio tech constructed in, and for that reason the application itself is not called for.

Action 2: The most effective way to see this at work is with a publication that sustains Whispersync for Voice. You can make use of Amazon’s Intermediator service to learn which Kindle books you currently possess are able to be updated with sound, but you can likewise begin with a giveaway: Amazon is presently supplying the timeless “Black Appeal” for Kindle at no fee, with going along with expert narrative additionally at no fee. (After you “get” the publication, you’ll view a button enabling you to “purchase” the narration too.)


Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Step 3: Lots the Kindle app and open “Black Charm.” Touch anywhere on the display to bring up the alternatives food selection, then search in the lower-left corner. You need to learn a headphone symbol. Tap it, then touch the blue download arrowhead on the succeeding display. This will certainly start the download of guide’s audio companion file.


Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Step 4: When the download is done, you’ll view a familiar-looking collection of play controls. Tap the large blue triangle to play/pause, or either of the quick-skip buttons to go ahead or back in 30-second increments.


Screenshot by Rick Broida/CNET

Action 5: To return to the content version, tap the little publication icon in the lower-left edge of the screen. Considering that guide and audio versions remain in sync, you’ll consistently be at the right area as you jump back and forth. Like I stated: quite cool.

By the means, don’t let the headphone symbol moron you. Although it would certainly seem to suggest earphones are required (and Amazon’s very own discount web page directs you to “appear your earphones”), you can play the sound through your tool’s own speaker or an AirPlay/Bluetooth speaker.

Updated: iWatch may show its curved OLED face this October, just after the iPhone 6


The iWatch may not have broken cover at WWDC yet there were a few clues that Apple’s ground wearable could be quite close.

We’re now listening to a bit much more approximately simply how close, with one expert, citing supply chain sources, claiming that the iWatch will enter production.

“Our conference with a tech supply chain business highlighted that initial production of particular ‘iWatch’ elements is scheduled to begin later this month and there are prepare for a sharp acceleration into autumn,” mentioned Cantor Fitzgerald analyst Brian White (found by BGR)

White additionally believes that September launch is on the cards, to coincide with the apple iphone 6, but that seems expert uncertainty and not something clearly spelled out by the source.

Hold the apple iphone just a minute!

On the other hand, Nikkei Asian Testimonial points out anonymous “industry sources” which declare that October is the month that Apple’s wearable will show its face.

These sources also believe Apple’s watch will have a rounded OLED touchscreen, and that Chef and carbon monoxide are planning to create 3 million – 5 million devices a month.

There’s additionally broach biometric features such as blood sugar and ocygen tracking being developed into the watch (not the ground time we have actually heard this) but it’s not too definitive on these specifics.

Leaving both with each other, an October launch looks a lot more reliable, but then pushing an iWatch out together with the iPhone 6 would certainly make a bunch of sense as well.

In any case, if the iWatch is as close as these sources believe, we anticipate it won’t be long prior to some equipment leakages begin appearing.

Update: Yet another record, this time around from Re/code, additionally puts the iWatch launch in October. “Individuals acquainted” with the plans let the site understand Cupertino is wishing an unique occasion that month will send the iWatch off right. The gadget is stated to use the brand-new HealthKit features discovered in iOS 8.


Popular paid Android keyboard SwiftKey goes free for all


Nate Ralph/CNET

SwiftKey is one of the most popular paid Android apps of all time for Android, but that partially changes today. The well-designed predictive keyboard app used to cost $3.99, but it’s now completely free. Instead of charging you up front to get the app, SwiftKey is trying out the freemium route, where you pay for add-ons and other extras.

If you already paid for SwiftKey, don’t despair. As a thank-you to its customers, the company is giving you a package of themes for free, that it says is worth $5.

If you don’t already know, SwiftKey is a robust keyboard app that learns your typing style and particular vernacular to offer suggestions while you type on your Android phone or tablet. It’s been around since 2010 and has gained a massive following in the Android community.

This latest update ushers in a few sweeping changes, but the most significant is the new the new SwiftKey store, where you can purchase up to 30 new themes that change the color and design of your keyboard. SwiftKey already includes 14 themes in the app, but you’ll now need pay a buck or two to purchase new ones. Individual themes cost 99 cents each, and you can buy packs of five for $2.99.

SwiftKey’s new theme store.
Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

The update also adds an optional number row at the top of the keyboard that you can toggle on or off, predictions for emoji (in Android versions 4.1 and newer only), support for Belarusian, Mongolian, Tatar, Uzbek, and Welsh, and improved gesture trails when you use the swipe-based Flow feature.

With the updated app, SwiftKey is making a push to pull in revenue in new places. The company knows that in the long run, offering up its app for free and then charging for themes can give them a more sustainable cash flow. It’s also a strategy to get more people to just start using SwiftKey, now that there’s a lower barrier to entry. The hope is that more people, especially in developing smartphone markets, will want to download the app now that it’s free. You can download SwiftKey for free today in the Google Play store.

Week in Tech: Week in Tech: iOS 8 says hi, PSP says goodbye, Amazon says ‘3D is still cool’


Periodically we like to play a video game called Ask The Web. “Hi, internet!” we state. “Just what begins with A and is, like, totally doomed?” The response is always “Apple” – but we can’t make asking yourself whether today’s WWDC, the most fascinating one in years, is going to quieten the howls of doom somewhat.

Which had not been the only news this week: Samsung’s giving Tizen to Televisions, Shutoff’s going VR and’s unveiling something that’s seemingly outstanding. It’s been a specifically alliterative Week in Tech.

No iWatch, not a problem

The star of Apple’s yearly WWDC had not been Craig Federighi’s hair: it was iOS 8, the current and greatest version of Apple’s mobile OS. There’s heaps of fascinating things including third party keyboards, big enhancements to messaging, a truly clever attribute called Continuity that moves perfectly from mobile to Mac and back once more, and a brand-new application called Health and wellness. No indication of the iWatch simply yet, but we think we identified lots of not-so-hidden hints.

OS ten 10 point 10

The news that Apple is calling OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” triggered a spurt of “how you can pronounce & hellip;” Google searches, however the named-after-the-place-not-the-cartoon-character running system is considerably additional than a name great deals of people can’t state. There’s ammo for Apple followers and adversaries alike, from the superb iOS combination to exactly what looks extremely like Windows Vista’s Sidebar.’s impressive phone

To the entertainment of everyone on Twitter, has actually debuted a video clip that looks terribly like its customers are viewing their attractive bits for the first time – however the out-of-frame item isn’t really guy or female parts; it’s’s incoming 3D smartphone. We’ll learn the phone for ourselves on June 18, but you can chortle at the video right below and now.


Alas, inadequate PSP. The trustworthy PSP is off to the fantastic video gaming graveyard in the sky, with Japanese deliveries dealing with the final curtain this month. It was a charming little set yet it dealt with 2 deadly defects: it was terribly expensive, and it had not been a Nintendo.

Another cool Nexus

Tech news has a long custom of printing rubbish blurry shakycam tries and asking “is this the new New Point?” while viewers squint at a torx screw from a supposed iPhone instance – but this Nexus 8 leakage is a lot much less fuzzy and a great deal more interesting therefore. The Nexus 8 will certainly be like a Nexus 7 however one louder, and it’ll most likely have enhanced efficiency also. Much more at Google IO later this month.

Samsung’s only Tizen

Samsung has been displaying its Tizen-based Smart TV interface, offering a “preview at something huge”. An SDK for property developers is being available in July and Samsung assures that its Tizen TVs will certainly play good with other Tizen kit such as the Equipment smartwatches and the Samsung Z smartphone. Is this the start of Samsung’s step away from Android?

Shutoff’s VR headset basically revealed

Images have surfaced of Shutoff’s brand-new cyberspace headset, which submerses you in imaginary globes where all sort of unlikely points may occur – such as the release of Half-Life 3. But it seemingly isn’t really for the likes of you or us: Shutoff’s VR plans are concentrated around helping various other headset developers such as Oculus Facebook.

New smartwatches could bring the Kindle to your wrist


The smartwatch can be ready for an additional transformation as E Ink has advised a forthcoming watch could possibly use the company’s modern technology for both the screen and the physical body.

The majority of smartwatches make use of color screens and while a couple of have decided for a black and white screen for improved electric battery life, the innovation is only used for the display.

Talking with Engadget, company representatives from E Ink described that the device would certainly have a rounded panel that would certainly cover the majority of the watch.

With a bigger screen it would certainly have the ability to display more data instantly, such as the weather report and any brand-new messages.

Customise your wrist

Yet additionally the bulk of the panel could be utilized decoratively, allowing you to alter the entire style of the smartwatch, as opposed to simply the face.

As watches are as much regarding design as energy that could be a huge draw, allowing folks to have an individual and unique looking device on their wrist, potentially even making their own layout.

E Ink declares there’s currently a prototype of just such a device, yet unfortunately the firm wasn’t showing it off and neither would certainly it validate which, if any type of, producer would be releasing it.

Still, with Android Wear and the Apple iWatch established to make smartwatches to the mainstream we wouldn’t be startled if we view this and more unusual and fantastic layouts quickly, as suppliers combat to stand out.

Android users can now Hodor Hodor Hodor

Hodor Hodor HODOR
Anthony Domanico/CNET

Sometimes, you come across an app and just appreciate how perfect it is. Hodor Keyboard is one of those apps.

Hodor is one of the most lovable characters on HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” despite being a half-wit who only has a one-word vocabulary: “Hodor.”

Eric Richardson, an Android app developer, has released a 99-cent Hodor keyboard replacement app for Android that lets you type only using the word Hodor, which makes for some pretty fun conversations. If you’re a fan of Hodor, you should probably go ahead and give it a download.

Because Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor HODOR HODOR HODOR HODOR.

(Via The Verge)

Sony Smartband finally arrives in the UK with tempting £80 price tag

Sony’s first entry into the world of wearable wellness trackers has made a belated appearance on UK shores, with the Smartband WR10 finally going on sale.

The wrist-mounted device, which was announced at CES 2014 in January with a promised March release date, can now be nabbed for a rather reasonable-sounding £80 from Sony’s official store.

The Smartband tracker differs somewhat from its rivals as its more of what Sony calls a “life logging” gadget rather than a straight up fitness tracker.

Paired with the accompanying Lifelog Android app, the combo tracks your movements, communications, photos and social activities to provide a picture of your day.

‘Blog your day’

Though vibrations it can also be used to gently wake and alert users to smartphone notifications, while it can also be used as a media control device.

As with many other devices of this ilk it tracks steps, distance, calories burned and sleep quality and rewards users with activity points “based on how you live.”

Another standout feature is the Smartband’s removable, water resistant Core chip, which can be placed into different wristbands, depending on your activities.

The Smartband comes in a snazzy World Cup shade of gold and green and is also available in black. Sony has previewed many other colours since launch, but it’s just the two choices for now.

Set custom notifications for each Hangouts conversation

Photo by Nicole Cozma/CNET

On Android, it’s very easy to set a customized ringtone for your calls. Sadly, you couldn’t do the same for their Google Hangouts messages. With the most recent update to the app, you can establish customized notifies on a per-conversation basis. Making use of a customized warning is useful when you’re engrossed and uncertain if you want to examine your device to see who desires your focus. One tone can be utilized for your household, or friends, and possibly another for your job contacts.

The update started presenting yesterday, but if you do not have it yet you could either hang around for it to reach you, or download and install the APK (Android package) from a third-party. If you’re comfortable with the latter, you could get a copy from one of the mirrors provided by AndroidPolice.

Disclaimer: Setting up software application from a third-party web site suggests taking threats with your gadget and/or individual details. You will accountable for any kind of concerns caused by the installation or application itself.

Prepared to set your custom alerts? Here’s exactly how:

The menu inside a Hangouts conversation.
Nicole Cozma/CNET

Action 1: Open up a talk with a person for which you would like to set a custom-made warning in Hangouts and press the menu button. Select Individuals & & alternatives.

Settings location for Hangouts chats.
Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 2: Touch on Conversation message sound or Call ringtone– whichever you would like to set initially.

Available alert tones that you can pick from.
Nicole Cozma/CNET

Step 3: Select a noise for that call from the pop-up listing.

You may be questioning exactly what happens if you set an alert tone for a pal, and afterwards established a various one for a team talk they are participating in, what will take place? Well, great information: the initial alert tone will certainly work for their specific messages to you, and when they make the team chat, the sharp collection for those will play instead.